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Archive for November, 2010

Anything around the house, garage, etc…that really works well for you!

Angelina, I am all for as much out of site the better, but I still want things to be organized and easy to find.
For My Bathroom:
My husband has his side I have mine. For makeup(all women usually have tons!)
I bought a little 3 drawer storage(dollar store), I labeled each drawer: 1. Reds 2. Pinks 3. Neutrals
I put make up I would use when wearing red hues in one, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lip liners and lipsticks.
Repeat for each drawer. this saves time digging through makeup in the morning when getting ready for work, just pull out the correct drawer and your off.
I have another 3 drawer storage for 1. facial cleansers 2. moisturizers, 3. weekly facial treatments.
You can repeat this with fingernail grooming supplies, colors, etc.
For my jewelry:
I buy cheap plastic ice trays and sort my earrings by; Golds, Silvers; colors; pearl; rhinestone etc. They stack real nice in my dresser drawer, again when you pick out your days outfit, it makes selection easy because they are all displayed. i find this helps me, cause I forget about some jewelry I have bought!
I like broaches and inexpensive rings, works good for those too!
For necklacers, I take the lid of a shoebox, lay a piece of felt cut to fit it, this works well for necklaces, keeps them from getting tangled and again they can be stacked and labeled.
My lingerie drawer: I use shoe boxes and put all white bras in one, you can roll them and fit more in and see the style better, one for neutral, blacks, etc. underwear the same way, socks & hose the same. Nice neat and in place.
In the bathroom, when I use my curling iron,I slip a sock over it before I put it away, so it wont melt anything it touches, works good in a suitcase when you travel also. I have a large plastic pitcher under my sink where all of my curling lrons are stored standing upright so I can see which one I need.
I use Plastic coffee cans for so many things, dog treats, bird seed, little things that get lost in catch all drawer you can use the ice tray method again! Under my kitchen sink, I have sections, one is for "dishes", one for general cleaning. I buy the dishwasher pouches, when I get a new one, I put them into an old butterdish, I just reach in and grab one, pop the lid back on and replace it under the sink. It keeps them from getting damp from dishwasher steam, etc. A good way to store your foil, plasic wrap, baggies, wax paper, use an old cannister that popcorn came in, you know one of the decorative ones, or simply paint of cover to match your kitchen decore, set it in a corner and maybe put a basket on top for your potatoes or onions. to store my potatoes, when I buy them I put them in a medium size laundry bag and hang them from a nail in my utility room. Be sure and take them out of the plastic bag.
Also a neat thing in the kitchen for your recipe storage, get some empty CD/DVD holders, the clear plastic ones, type up your recipes on colored paper, or any you like, cut to fit the case.
on the inside of case if the recipe is for pies, find as many picutres of pies you can find and glue them to the case all over it.
To identify the case, make a label that says: Pies
You could do candies and brownies or anyway you want. Once you get them all catagorized, they will look very neat lined up on your kitchen shelf with other cook books etc.
In my refrigerator I have sections also. for dairy, I have plastic baskets for my cheeses, Eggs are taken out of carton and placed into a basket also, it keeps them rotated.
I use a basket for luncheon meats. one for bacon /sausages.
I use the door for jellys, pickles, sauces. I use the butter dish to store my brown sugar in, of course it is in a zip-lock rolled up!
These are just a few ways I try to keep things in order, it seems everyone is always in a hurry morning, noon and night. I am semi-retired and I am busier now more than ever!
For the holidays my children from OKC came down, I had a wicker laundry basket in their room with towels, little sample sizes of shampoos/conditioners/hand lotions/sanitary napkins/headband/hair ties/houseshoe sockies/magazines/flashlight/some snacks. They really appreciated that alot, but the thing they really appreciated the MOST, I cleared out a couple of dresser drawers for them and they had a clothes hanging rack in their room! They got to get settled, clothes put away, room tidy before they left to go visiting!
It is nice to have a plastic trash bag for them to put their dirty clothes in also.
I could go on and on, but I will stop here and see what neat ideas other people have!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year to you and to all!!