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I work full-time night shift and have assigned chores for my family. My children pretend like they do their chores but really don’t. My husband doesn’t help at all and pretends like he does.
I will be spending my entire Saturday cleaning house while my family is at a gathering. I am finding the most awful filth. I went outside to water flowers and found a pair of my shoes that had been missing, they were buried in mud. I found an opened can of fruit cocktail on the kitchen counter behind some dirty glasses. I found hamburger grease in a bowl in the kitchen sink. I found dirty clothes and trash and toys under one of the bathroom sinks. You can’t walk through my daughter’s bedroom. She makes us late for events because she can’t ever find her clothes or accessories. I found trash and aluminum cans and dirty dishes and newspapers and lots of house clutter stuffed in a storage cabinet. If I open any of my kitchen cupboards all the pans or plastic or metal items will fall out.
I work twelve hour shifts and they always extend to longer, ex. 12.5 with the thirty they tack on for lunch and 30 min. extra expected before shift starts, 1 hour commute one-way only, 1 hour to get ready for work, including children getting ready and dropping them at activities leaves about 6 hours avg. to sleep. This occurs three times in a row a week and during this time, Pippy Longstockings comes out of the TV and creates havoc that takes days to clean up, in between running children to activities and trying to have a life on daytime hours for a night-working person. Mrs. who called me a pig couldn’t keep up with this routine I’m sure.
Also to Mrs. who called me a pig, if I am to act like a mother and a wife then I would get to stay home and the husband would act like a husband and a father and be a better provider and take care of the yard and the vehicles and the bills, and enforce discipline, etc.

Your husband is not one of the kids, and needs to step up, be the man and start enforcing the rules and helping you !!

February 28, 2011

Storage space in garage?

I am looking to put a small ‘mezzanine’ area in my garage which currently has a lot of wasted space overhead. This will literally be used only to store seasonal boxes and accumulated clutter. The garage is a cavity building block construction on a concrete base with a steep pitch to the roof.

The span of the garage is 20 feet and I would like the storage area to be the full width and about 4 feet deep – just a big shelf I guess!

Is this something that can be spanned with timber joists just using hangers? Does this kind of project require planning permission and qualified engineers to carry out?

Thanks in advance

You could span it, but probably not with sawn lumber. You could for sure span 20′ with engineered wood I- joists. your lumber yard should have a chart on how big of I-joist you would need to span what distance.


i’ve just finished ripping out my old storage cabinets in the garage, what a mess! looking for recommendations for replacements – anybody have experience with any DIY tool storage systems?

I like to go with multiple shelving in the garage and multiple tool boxes. the shelving is very easy to make, permanent and sturdy if you do them right. and the multiple smaller tool boxes is because instead of having one large one that you can not move you have several small ones with similar tools in them, so you can take one out into the driveway if you are not sure of a size or type. Also all the large shelving can be used for more than just small tools in tool boxes, you can put large garden tools on them, storage items, car parts, or collectables if that’s what you want, the possibilities are endless when building the shelves into the garage. I can explain how to build the shelving but I would need more info.


I really love my little Fluffy. I guess my mom is convinced I don’t because I can’t visit him often. He lives in this storage place in our garage (not a closet) and I just wondered if anyone had any advice for me. I’ve been reading about bunny bonding for the last few months to get to know my bunny more and get him to love me, but it all sounds too hard trying to do that while keeping him in the garage. I understand why my parents don’t want him inside (he smells, he isn’t catching on to the potty training, he tore the wall in the garage) but I already have solutions. Smelling is the result of how we don’t change the bedding a lot. If you take his droppings and put it in a designated spot, he’ll learn. I can rope him off to not allow him to get anywhere near the wall. In the winter he doesn’t shed fur, so that’s not a biggie. I want to convince my parents to give me a "free trial" I guess. Just 3 days of having Fluffy inside. He’d only be in my room, I’d feed him everyday, Change his water once a week. It’d be easier. I don’t visit him a lot because they’re bugs and it’s a cramped space, and it stinks, it’s hot, etc. So this winter I want him inside for 3 days. To prove to my parents I can do it. I’ve had him 3 years and I don’t feel like I know him well enough. He’s adorable, and I want him to be very comfortable with me and his surroundings.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the length of this question.
If the trial fails (it starts to smell, he gets out, he tears a wall, he messes something up, I forget to feed him) then I can’t keep him inside.
And btw I would lay down one of those special little mats so he wouldn’t set a paw on the carpet.
(My parents are stubborn AND I MEAN STUBBORN. My dad isn’t so much, but I was surprised at how against the idea he was 0_0 )
@loly he will not… I’ve had him living there for 3 years. Ugh.

I REALLY hope you are joking here. If you aren’t, I am seriously worried about your rabbit’s welfare!

Your rabbit needs access to AT LEAST 6ftx4ftx2ft of space, clean, dry and with access to fresh air. It’s water needs to be changed AT LEAST ONCE A DAY.

Rabbits do not smell! They should be cleaned every day. Their hay needs to be replenished every day, removing all of their soiled hay/straw/litter. Give your rabbit a litter tray to use. Sweep up the poo whenever he does it anywhere else and put it in the litter tray. But, empty the tray once, or twice a day.

Get your rabbit neutered, he wont be inclined to spray then, and he will be more friendly and easy to litter train. Get him vaccinated against VHD and Myxi, and give him panacur to treat against worms and E Cunnuli. Rabbits are sociable animals. They need the company of their own kind. He ideally needs to be bonded to a neutered female, so they can live in each others company.

Rabbits are NOT toys that can be stuffed away in a dark garage and taken out when you fancy a cuddle. Please take the necessary steps to give him a happy life. If you cannot, then hand him to a rescue where they will neuter, vaccinate and bond him with a female so he can live a happy and long life.

If you continue with your ‘plan’ he is at risk of Mxyi, VHD, E Cunnuli, flystrike, urine scald, any number of illnesses, which could go unchecked because you don’t spend time with him every day. He can get ill very quickly, and die within 24 hours of many of these illnesses, and you would just find him one day, like so many others rabbits that "just die". They don’t "just die", they are neglected by people who are under the impression that rabbits are easy to care for and ideal pets for kids!

Oh, and if you move him from one temperature to another (indoors), he may moult and not have the ability to cope if you put him back outside again.

Your really need to do some more research on rabbit care and think about the way you are treating your ‘pet’.


I’ll be moving into a new house in about two months that have a fairly large detached garage. The house is in a nice residential area, so i don’t want to cause problems with the new neighbors. The garage is unfinished and has room for some construction. Please don’t suggest renting a practice space(I’m already aware of that possibility). We use fairly small amps and don’t have to crank our music(rock), but it will still be too loud to do absolutely nothing. We don’t practice super later or early. The city sound ordinance says that our sound shouldn’t exceed 55 dB past the property line. What are my options for cutting the sound down? (biggest problems will be drums & bass guitar)

There are number of ways you can reduce the noise level in the garage.

Most interior doors are hollow core and provide almost no noise reduction. By installing acoustical ceiling tiles on the inside of the door you can reduce the noise level significantly. You will want to purchase 12" x 12" tiles from your local hardware store. Most of these tiles have a pre-fitted edge which makes lining them up simple. You may need to cut some of the tiles along the door edges to get an exact fit. Use a utility knife and a straight edge (ruler) to make a precise cut. You could also attach these to the wall in some circumstances.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the tiles to the door/walls. Apply in dabs rather than in large quantities. This will minimize damage to the door. If you are in a rental, when move out time comes around, you can pull the tiles off. Sand the surface and paint. It will be as good as new.

You can also apply a door sweep to the bottom of the doors. This will prevent sound from escaping underneath the door. You will need a hack saw to cut the sweep to the proper length. But measure before you go to the hardware store, they may have your exact length.

Most drywall is not installed flush with the floor surface. You likely will find a 1-2" gap between the bottom of the drywall and the floor surface. This is another area where you can focus your efforts to reduce noise. Fill the gaps with a sprayable insulating foam.

Sound Stop also makes tackable wall panels. These are easier to install and may be a good option for you. If the walls are just studs, I also saw that they have wall panels that can be attached to studs. This may not be the cheapest way, but check all your options.

See source for "How to" article that has photos and more info. Not a sales site — just a How To article. Good luck!


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February 25, 2011

Bike Storage Ceiling Lift

Here’s how easy it is to lift and lower a bike using the Bike Lift Ceiling Mount.

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The perfect gift for the holiday!

The Sports Activities Storage System is the answer to your storage problems. It solves many storage issues in the garage area and wherever else objects are often crowded. The SASS is a fantastic item that provides an easy solution to storage quandaries.

Every SASS comes with the necessary implements for installation, including 6 screws, a drill bit, and the SASS instruction manual. The installation process is simple: no mess, no hassle, no problem. This extremely durable device is able to comfortably support up to 40pounds. In the event that the user accidentally loses grip, the patented safety lock device will automatically secure both the plant and rope. The SASS creates highly crucial space while ensuring the user stellar safety ratings, and the pulley system enables the user to transport objects with only a quarter of the weight and effort of regular lifting.

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Closetmaid storage solutions for the home, office, garage, linen, pantry and more. A total home solution for getting organized

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February 25, 2011

Garage Makeover Solutions

Garage Makeover Solutions at Work!

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