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Our range of TuffStor STORAGE CABINETS (formerly Homestor) never seem to grow old ! These Australian made units have advanced in quality over the years. Recent additions to the range include imported kit-form units. Made in Austraila for 35 Years. We can deliver your cabinets to your door Australia Wide

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Ultimate garage storage systems in Calgary, Alberta, Canada offers garage storage, garage cabinets, garage flooring, garage storage cabinets, overhead garage storage, garage shelving, and car hoists.

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Building garage storage cabinets with 3/4″ birch plywood using a Festool TS-55 Track Saw and a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. The cabinets will be hung with a French Cleat. The cabinets will have poplar face frames joined with pocket screws. The doors will be 3/4″ birch plywood with hardwood edge banding.


Festool Tracksaw

Kreg Tool Company (Pocket Screws)

DVD – Pocket Hole Solution to TRIM CARPENTRY

Gary Striegler
Trim Carpentry: Basics

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For more information on this parking lift:

The PL-7000X Parking Lift by BendPak has a 7,000 pound lifting capacity. This parking lifts extended rise will allow taller vehicles to safely fit underneath while you have cars storing on top. The PL-7000X is perfect for solving home garage storage situations, or in the automotive shop.

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See how the Potomac Garage Solutions team make over a messy garage, from planning, to clean-out, then installation!

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Okay so this bathroom was supposed to be spa-like before we moved in its has a jacuzzi bathrub and it had a steamer. Nobody every uses this bathroom really because its kind of dreary and its in a poolroom. My mom said it wold be okay to decorate it if i didn’t wan’t major changes. I just want the drain in the tub to be fixed, and the hot water to be turned on. My mom said she would be fine doing that. I was thinking of changing the showercurtains(own money) and stocking the medine cabinet with products. What else would make it look awesome? It is fully-tiled in this mexican red stuff(came with the house) it has a plain white toilet, a small bathtub with jets, a small little white sink(no storage) and a plain mirror only medicine cabinet.
Any way to make the light switches look nice? (they have metal covers

it would be a lot easier if you took a picture of the bathroom and showed us…

what i would do though is buy a brand new mirror and lamp or whatever the lightning source is

what color red is it? if its this ugly bright mexican red color that i think ur talking about then the best thing would be to change it completely…thats not a spa color…a dark navy or a light sky blue would be perfect..but if its not in ur budget just go get a rug, a new mirror and just try to fix it up a little bit…depending on how big it is u can buy a pretty storage shelves in white wood that u can put a few towels on and that sort of stuff..or u can buy a mirror that opens up


Ok I’m looking for some help on additional winter storage needed for my Vrod the last two years I kept it in my Uncle’s heated garage. He recently bought a new camaro and no longer has room. So far I’ve filled the tank with 93 octane added a bottle of stabil, let it run through the system for about 10 minutes and threw a tender on the battery. I’ve also put some oily rags in the exhaust to drive away annoying little mice.

What else am I missing? Do I need to take any other steps for the liquid cooling or anything?

I live in Iowa, temps reach -20F easily mid winter and it’s stored in the back of a shabby garage with my quad and arctic cat. I want to wrap my baby in old blanks besides it’s shabby walmart bought cover but maybe that is overkill?

Thanks for the help!

use as much petrol as you can , wrap with bubble wrap and your old blankets . when the time comes to use again get some fresh petrol and everything should be fine


Can 1/2hp garage door openers open a 2 car garage door without spring? One side of the wire on my garage door broke, right now the door is crooked. If I cut the remain wire, the door will not be sprung, will the garage door opener still have enough power to open it? This is just temp solution until I can get it fixed, but I need to know before I cut. Thanks.
What I had to do last night was, I losened the bolt that was holding the wheel that was winding the wire, it released the spring’s energy, then I just manually opened the door with a buddy. I’m going to hire a professional to fix it and wind it back to the proper tension though.

NO! Don’t cut the remaining wire!. If you have individual side springs you have a fair chance of raising the door by giving it some manual lift assistance on the broken side. BUT- if your spring is a torsion rod that mounts horizontally on the wall right above the door I would have to advise you to please not attempt any action yourself, but contact an overhead door serviceman. Those torsion bar springs are LOADED with energy waiting to be released from the counter-wound springs and can be extremely dangerous when out of balance or suddenly released. With one half of the spring gone, this places abnormal overload on the remaining half, and without wanting to seem alarmist this does greatly raise the odds any jolting/erratic motion will be just enough to cause the overloaded half to suddenly break. These springs actually are only considered to have a normal life span of around 5-7 years, even though many pass that, but when one side fails it should be held as an indication the other half is also ready to go. If you’ve got the single torsion bar, please, don’t risk it.


Metal Storage Shelving serving Wichita, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid, Kansas City, Topeka, Dodge City, Ft Smith Arkansas. Design Deliver Install Kansas Oklahoma Arkansas. Visit: Call: 405-879-3448 Email:

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March 29, 2011


See TOPP RAX stand up to our STOMP TEST while our competitor’s racks collapse !

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