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Garage Storage Solutions

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These Industrial Grade Steel Storage Cabinets Give Superior Security To All Your Valuable Tools And Supplies.

Built to withstand harsh environments, yet stylish enough for office use. These storage cabinets are made with high quality cold rolled carbon steel for long lasting strength and dependable service. 22 gauge steel body is reinforced with a 16 gauge C-channel steel frame. Smooth panels with no exposed bolts or sharp edges. Combination Cabinets feature 1 full width top shelf and 4 adjustable half shelves plus coat rod.


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June 30, 2011

Garage Storage System

Garage Storage Solutions
Workshop Pro Set
11 Piece

The KINCROME Garage Storage Solutions package offers you a versatile choice of storage and equipment for your workshop, garage or shed.

Workshop Pro Set Includes:
• 7″ Work Bench (Part No K070042)
• 2 Door Wall Cabinet (Part No K070041)
• 5 Drawer Mobile Trolley (Part No )
• 2 Door Mobile Cabinet Tall (Part No K070040)
• 3 Door Wall Cabinet (Part No K7013)
• X2 Peg Board With 40 Hooks (Part No K7048)
• Pneumatic Garage Stool (Part No K8110)

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One of Australia’s leading tool storage suppliers Kincrome has expanded their popular range of storage solutions. Branded under the ‘Kincrome Workshop’ name, the practical Wall Board Tub System features a wall board and removable tubs making them handy to store bits and pieces on the wall around the workshop or garage.

The wall board system is suited for a variety of uses including storing small items such as nuts, bolts, washers, screws, nails, seals and o-rings, as well as drill bits, electrical fittings, spare parts, tools, and more.

The 15 piece Kincrome Wall Board Tub System includes the wall board and 8 small and 6 large removable tubs.

The Wall Board features a metal construction with a silver powder coated finish, 72 integrated hanging points to hang the tubs and includes a mounting kit including screws and wall plugs to mount to brick, concrete and studs. Measuring 510mm x 460mm in size, each Wall Board can be interlocked to cover larger areas offering unlimited storage potential.

The storage tubs are manufactured from durable plastic with moulded label holders for easy identification of contents. Each Kincrome Wall Board Tub System includes two different size tubs to fit a range of parts and accessories.

Both the wall board and small and large tubs are also available separately so you can mix and match your storage needs.

According to Kincrome the storage racks are a popular item with not only workshops but also factories, assembly lines, warehouses, retailers, offices and those looking for storage around the home.

The Kincrome Wall Board Tub System and accessories are now available from leading automotive, industrial and hardware stores across Australia and New Zealand. For more information and details of your nearest stockist visit the Kincrome website

Wall Board Tub System – 15 Piece (Part No. K7140)
Wall Board (Part No. K7141)

Spare Parts:
Plastic Tub – Small (Part No. K7104-1)
Plastic Tub – Large (Part No. K7104-2)

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SolutionsCatalog, opener, closer, automatic door, garage door opener, home securityGarage Butler |

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   Self-protection devices are by their nature intimidating. For those unfamiliar with their use and operation, they can be just as foreboding by their looks alone as for their deterrent on criminals. This is actually misleading, because many of the devices commonly available to the public are conceived and designed with both safety and ease and quickness of use deliberately in mind.

The following five devices are not a complete list of the self-defense and women’s self-defense products available on the consumer, over-the-counter market. However, they are routinely the most popular and are also widely available online.

Stun guns and Tasers

Stun guns and tasers use powerful electric shocks to disable opponents by constricting their muscles to the point of temporary disability. Many are small enough to fit inside a woman’s purse or within an inside jacket pocket. They are battery operated.

A taser is a stun gun that uses two powerful pitons and flexible wire to deliver the electrical charge. A stun gun is routinely shaped much like a woman’s razor and contains powerful conducting needles that deliver the shock.

Pepper Sprays

Pepper spray, sometimes referred to as OC spray, capsicum spray, or OC gas, uses powerful irritants to inflame the eyes and sinus passages. Pepper sprays commonly use some form of capsaicin, an irritant found within chili peppers of Central America. Very common in riot control among police agencies worldwide, the effects of pepper spray are both nonlethal but also very painful and discomforting.

Pepper spray routinely causes coughing, watering of the eyes, spastic sneezing fits, and other allergy-like effects. Capsaicin is not soluble in water, and removing it from the face and sinus passages usually requires considerable effort.


Mace, like pepper spray, is a form of tear gas or <I>lachrymatory</I> (tear-inducing) agent. It’s typically delivered via aerosol spray can. Its volatile nature has made it illegal in many countries, and pepper spray has largely replaced it for civilian use. MACE is also a brand name of pepper sprays that include gel and foam solutions.

The term “mace” is often used interchangeably with “pepper spray,” though the two have important chemical differences.

Personal Alarms

 Similar to a car alarm for the body, personal alarms include handheld sirens, whistles, and other accessory-ready items that are easily carried on the person.

Many personal alarms are electronic, while some whistles retain the timeless mechanisms of such items of yesteryear. Some electric models also include strobe lights, flashlights, and other distracting effects that improve visibility even while working to disorient an attacker. Still other classes serve as dog repellants and early-warning home safety alarms.

Diversion Safes

Remember the spy TV show where every routine item housed a secret compartment or gadget? Diversion safes work on the same principle, allowing security items such as spare keys, money, or valuable information to be stored “hidden in plain sight” with a replica façade.

Some diversion safes take the appearance of weathered car fluid containers, making them perfect for camouflage use in the garage. Others are designed to resemble light plugs, book, and flowerpots or wall sockets.

Alexis Moore


The following information is from a craigslist add for jet ski’s that i would like to buy. they want $4000 for the everything listed below, and i don’t know too much about jet ski’s but this even seems cheap to me. in the pictures they really do look brand new, so does this seem like it could be a scam?

2008 Kawasaki Jet Skis DOUBLE TRAILER Factory Warranty!

Two (2) 2008 Kawasaki Ultra LX Jet Skis with custom double trailer. Four Stroke 1500cc engine. Has Reverse, large fuel tank and tons of storage. Purchased new less than a year ago and still has factory warranty remaining. Always garaged, one unit has 26 hours the other has 27 hours. These units are wonderful, smooth, fast and fun. Never abused always babied and ready to use now!

Trailer:The trailer was fully powder coated, has LED lights, new electrical, new runners, custom rims with new tires and front box.

Jet Skis Specs:

Engine Four-stroke, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline four-cylinder
Displacement 1,498 cc
Bore x Stroke 83 x 69.2 mm
Compression Ratio 10.6:1
Cooling system Inducted water
Fuel System Digital Fuel Injection
Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance
Starting System Electric
Lubrication Semi-Dry Sump system
Coupling Direct drive from engine
Propulsion system 155mm Jet pump, axial-flow single stage
Impeller Three-blade, oval-edge stainless steel
Thrust 955 lbs
Overall Length 132.7 in.
Overall Width 46.9 in.
Overall Height 45.3 in.
Curb Weight 974.6 lbs** Includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90% of capacity) and tool kit (if supplied)
Load Capacity 496 lbs
Storage Capacity 60 gal.
Fuel Capacity 20.6 gal.
Oil Capacity 5.3 qt.
Color Choices Jet White / Red

I agree with your guess that it sounds too cheap. My guess is that they either intentionally or accidentally left a zero off the price. Then the price would be too high for my taste, but the seller could expect a lot more responses to their ad. Then again this could be one of those divorce or funeral specials where the ex wife is instructed to sell off the assets and turn the proceeds of the sale over to her ex husband or his girl friend, but in that case you probably have one or two too many zeros on the price.

Well if nothing else I’ll guess by now the sale is over.

Hope you have more luck the next time..


whats’ the BEST garage floor coating? I need to fill cracks in concrete as well, and then put the coating on.

What would you recommend? I have been reading and seem to see Epoxy as a solution – 2 part epoxy being better? Then i saw something called something-loc (Sorry, can’t find it now..)
What would you suggest for products to SEAL the cracks in garage floor, clean the floor, and then Coat the floor. Would want it to last for at least 10 years. I think most out there are good for 5 years, from what i’ve been reading…

thanks, your feedback much appreciated

First use a v cut diamond blade(commonly called a crack chaser) on the cracks and fill with a sealer( Hilti or Simpson). Prep of the floor is the most important part of the process before applying a coating. Acid wash at a minimum. If you plan on parking a car in the garage, use a shot blaster(available at your local rental center.) This will allow for a better bond of epoxy coatings. Allow the coating to cure for 15-30 days before parking on it.


Warehouse storage shelving mezzanine security cages Ph 1-800-803-1083 Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Kansas Tennessee Mississippi Missouri Colorado

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Lockers should look better than lockers. They should be works of art. That’s why we created Celáre -which is how you can reinvent your locker room experience.

Celáre combines beauty with precision engineering. Functional frames blend with immaculate doors.

Interchangeable doors are available in glass and metal in a variety of colors.Configurations can vary from one to six tiers within a single frame.

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As part of the Government’s ‘The Future of Air Transport’ White Paper, Manchester Airport published its master plan on its future expansion up until 2030. Demolition of older buildings, such as old storage buildings, the old Alpha Catering Building and Males Garage, to the east of Terminal 3 has already begun. This is to make way for a new apron and taxiway towards runway 23R/05L, and an eastwards extension of Terminal 3, which is planned to provide an extra fifteen covered stands. A full length parallel taxiway may also be added to the second runway and more crossing points added across the first runway to improve ground movements of aircraft.

Passenger flow on Terminal 1’s gating piers is due to be realigned, with plans to redesign the piers such that departures and arrivals do not contraflow on the same level, allowing for larger seating areas at the gates, express retail outlets and a dedicated lounge and gating area for future Airbus A380 flights. An early phase of which has seen the removal of the South Bay remote aircraft stands, constructed in 1962, and situated between taxiways Juliet and Kilo and as a consequence the more recent re-alinement of taxiway Juliet into an extended taxiway Bravo.

Terminal 2 is due to receive a major extension, to encompass current remote stands to the west. A satellite terminal is also projected for Terminal 2. Between twelve and fifteen covered aircraft stands will be made available by this. An airside link for transferring passengers between Terminals 1 & 2 is at the planning stage, designed in an effort to boost Manchester’s chances of becoming a major hub airport and minimise potential missed connections. There is uncertainty as to whether this link should provide extra stands for the two terminals, or merely exist as a transfer corridor.

All existing terminals are undergoing a retail and airport security refurbishment programme, with Terminals 1 and 3 due to be complete by spring 2009, and Terminal 2 by autumn 2009. The security control areas have undergone upgrades of new X-ray machines and passenger authenticity control systems, which will ensure a higher and faster passenger throughput, whilst improving the already elevated levels of security at the airport. The new security control areas are now in operation in Terminals 1 & 2.

Terminal 3 acquired an extra security control area in November 2007, located near check-in zone C. This was initially dedicated to passengers travelling to CTA destinations. In January 2008, the usage was extended to all Terminal 3 passengers, with the exception of those destined for Frankfurt, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Brussels. This new security control area is now used for all departures out of Terminal 3; the old security area has now closed and is being de-commissioned.

The current fire station on the north of the airfield is becoming outdated and expensive to maintain and is also in the way of future apron and taxiway developments, so it is also stated that this may be demolished and a new facility built close to the original fire station site.[citation needed] A third runway and a Terminal 4 may also be developed, however any such expansion would be subject to a major public inquiry, and neither is currently accounted for in the airport’s plans to 2015.[citation needed]

The taxiways are undergoing a phased renewal programme. Work on taxiway Alpha has recently been completed, and runway crossing point Delta Zulu is being resurfaced. The ‘South Bay’ stands at the end of B Pier recently closed to make way for a realigning of part of taxiway Juliet to allow the accommodation of the Airbus A380. The work also fits in with the airfield’s future taxiway strategy.[citation needed]

On 27 April 2008, it was announced that the Manchester Airports Group, which owns Manchester Airport together with the regional airports at East Midlands and Bournemouth, plans to sell its majority stake of 87% in the smaller Humberside Airport, which it has run since 1999. The money raised from the sale will go into developments and expansion at its other airports, a large proportion of which will most probably be used to fund the above expansion of Manchester.[36]

On 17 September 2008, it was announced that BAA were to sell London Gatwick Airport ahead of the Competition Commission possibly forcing the sale following their main report due in 2009. The airport is estimated to be worth around £1.8billion.[37] Manchester Airports Group are believed to be one of the interested parties. Should such a bid be tabled and accepted, it would create a business which would rival the current BAA domination of the United Kingdom’s airport infrastructure.[37]

The Asian carrier Royal Brunei Airlines has expressed an interest in commencing 4 flights per-week to the Brunei capital Bandar Seri Begawan from Manchester in its plan to expand operations throughout the UK.

expain all that soo i understand it lol

OK, I unserstand all of that no problem, but maybe that’s because I work at a major International airport in the UK (not Manchester). But what are you asking? What about it don’t you understand? email me with more detail and I will get back to you.

My email address is