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February 25, 2012

78inch Wardrobe Cabinet.

78″ Wardrobe Cabinet

* Full length garment rod under top shelf
* Durable finish
* Ships fully assembled
* Interior includes a full width shelf

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February 25, 2012

freedomRail Attributes

freedomRail is a truly adjustable storage system for every aspect of your home organization. freedomRail puts you in control from the moment you choose a custom closet design. Your storage will be easily adjusted to fit your day-to-day needs. Whether it is for closet organization, your kitchen pantry or garage storage, you’ll love the way it can be modified until hour home storage fits your needs perfectly.

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We’re lowering the cost of getting a fresh start this summer with simple, stylish storage solutions for your entire home.

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The Perfect space saving
Fold Down Workbench!

Bench Solution™ is attractive and the perfect space saving workbench to be added inside a house, office or garage. The fold-a-way feature of the Bench Solution™ workbench allows it to be safely and easily converted in seconds to create that extra workspace that is so often needed.

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My husband is hanging a cabinet in our 1/2 bath for extra storage. He just text me and said that it wont hang and he thinks that it is because of the water panel in the garage and that the home builders must have protected it with metal. I really cant find another spot that would be decent enough to hang the cabinet. Is there any way to still hang it in that spot?

Is it possible they used steel studs in that wall and that’s why he is hitting metal when he tries to drill? It is tough to diagnose these issues as there are so many strange things you run into. He might be able to cut a small hole in the sheetrock (since the cabinet will cover it) and look what is behind there (in case he is drilling into the main gas pipe, electrical conduit, etc).


last night i had an extremely strange dream.i only remember bits and pieces but i do remember standing near a soccer field in my town at night with some strange man. all the big light at the field were on and whenecer they are they light up all the dust particles in the air and makes it look like thick fog is rolling in so it was kinda creepy. the next thing i remember was i big black air ship (like the one they show in the hunger games trailer) flying overhead. it stopped above us then this whiteish rope thing shot down and coiled around my body. it pulling me up in the air and into the ship and then i think i blacked out in the dream. then i remember scrubbing the floor n an area that almost looked like those places they show on storage wars with all the big garage type things but everything was white, even the sky. then this man came over and took me away. thats all i remember. Any idea what this could mean?
oh wow it does sound like i watch a lot of tv now that i reread the question and when i was scrubbing the floor and i said "then this man came over and took me away i meant more like he led me away, i went willingly and had a choice whether of not to go with him

He he, I think your subconscious has a thing for action/thrillers.

Tags: Why do you need any outdoor storage container?
First of all you want to store hundred of things outside but at the same time they must be handy. They must be out of sight but not out of mind and hand. In this way you keep the clutter out of the house in an organized way.

Different types of outdoor storage containers:

Outdoor storage containers come in a wide array of types, styles, shapes, colors, and material depending on what they are going to be used for outside of your home.
* Outdoor storage cabinets are just simple cupboards with interior shelves for the purpose of stacking the items.
* Plastic portable containers from branded companies help keep your outdoor things dry and safe from the exterior elements and you can store from firewood to garden tools.
* Benches for seating on the patio can open up and serve as interior storage space.
* And finally, the storage container that everyone nowadays thinks of is a ‘shed’ type which is now available in just about every set of dimensions that you can think of. You get them in various sizes or get them customized and can be made of wood, metal, or even UV-resistant plastics.

Why should you have outdoor storage containers?
Their main purpose is to store all sort of things outside especially the things that help to make lives outdoors more enjoyable. This includes patio furniture, dishes, cooking equipment for garden parties or barbeques, garden tools and equipments, seeds, fertilizers, manure, and shovels for the driveway in the winter. During the gardening season you can easily take out soil, compost, pots and watering cans out of outdoor storage containers and put them to use. Another creative use of outdoor storage containers is to keep food in them during the winters, like a cold room. If the weather does not drop below freezing, then you could use them to store your vegetables or even leftovers like an electricity-free refrigerator.

What points should be taken into consideration while purchasing outdoor storage containers?

There are two main things to bear in mind while purchasing them. First is space and the second is material. Wooden containers are very attractive and may also blend in with the deck or other outdoor furniture that you already have, but they do wear and tear and they need maintenance and need re-painting from time to time. Metal or plastic containers are watertight and designed to resist UV and rain, but may not be as attractive as other outdoor storage containers that are less weather-proof. Visualize the space you have, the things you want to store and look at the exterior of your house and the containers and opt for the one that adds beauty to your house and stand out as a piece of furniture and not just dead container.

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This is a homemade bicycle storage system I devised from hardware and materials lying around my garage. It utilizes a simple trapeze system coupled with a block-and-tackle to lift the bicycles that normally clutter up my shop during our Canadian winters and bring them up 7 feet in the air and out of reach. It works remakably well as it is, although it is a “first try” and could easily be improved upon, perhaps by employing an electric or hand-cranked boat winch to cut down on muscle power..

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monkeybarstorage Storage, Garage Storage, Garage Shelving, Garage OrganizationMonkey Bars: The Home Storage Solution

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Save More:

Modular Lockers Only Short Locker

In the mudroom, playroom, workroom, or wherever you need practical storage and organizing solutions, these sturdy pieces offer a place for everything. Full-length and short lockers have a top compartment ideal for mittens, hats, and other small accessories.

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