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Make the most of your garage storage by adding freedomRail. Like our closet and home organization storage systems, freedomRail Garage is a strong and versatile way to conquer the clutter. Go-Boxes offer drawers, cabinets and storage lockers. You can also add a work surface to make your projects go more smoothly. freedomRail Activity Organizers are another way to add adjustable task-specific storage spaces. Activity organizers can attach to the steel grid or directly into the wall; with freedomRail, you’re in control!

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I need to either buy me one or build me one. Currently my riding mower is sitting in the middle of the yard with a cover on it. Every season the water evaporates inside the tank and having have to "wash out" the entire system. It needs to be protected more than just a cover……

I have few options but.. want to go at least expensive and easiest way to to do this. I am not a builder of anything but… I am think I can attach a post and roof of some kind against already existing wood fence ? or just buy a car port and set it somewhere on my back yard? If I had to buy something permanent, I know I will need a county’s permit which is a pain…

car port is easy without no hassle but can be expensive. I do not even have a car garage or car port for my own car. :-(

any idea and how to build one ? that suites my need would be GREATLY appreciate it.

=== if you will go to the search box and enter these words you find all the info that will help you build a backyard shed …… fancy or plain ………. enter ++ how to build a backyard storage shed ++ scroll down the page and the PLANS and the PHOTOS are there …. or think oblong with a slant type simple roof == use 6 pieces of plywood, 1 set hinges and trim for the door, 2 X 4inch wood to make corners and supports for roof and side wall, 1 box of 2inch drywall screws and some nails==. the roof should be made of metal like what is used for the all metal buildings == you should use 2 pieces 2X6inch boards for the front and one piece of plywood cut to 4feet by 6 feet for the door and the other 2feet by 4 feet as the header for the door …. paint it well with enamel paint to make it last …. or buy a small metal shed BUT be sure that whatever you do it will fit the lawnmotor ….


Ralph Blackwelder’s Home-made Kayak Upright Garage Storage System. Made for about $30.00 in parts from Walmart & Lowes (Wallow). Easy 2 hour project. Minimum tools needed.

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Want to organise your garage space? Get it right the first time, by watching this quick video from the Home Improvement experts at Masters.

There’s one thing we can’t stand and that’s having a messy garage. Using walls is a great way to get your gear up off the floor and maximize space. In this video the experts from Masters take you installing a storage system that will transform your garage into a space you can use.

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Storing up to 75% more stuff in the same space, Space-Trac ( is the smart, superior alternative to conventional shelving! Perfect for garages, basements, storage rooms, offices or commercial buildings, Space-Trac provides easy access to every item at all times — no more fumbling around!

Lateral, Pull-Out and Side-by-Side models are available, plus our retrofit kits let you convert existing shelves. Configure Space-Trac to fit your world, put your space back on track and do it all for at an incredible value.

Visit and learn more.

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I know I need to give you a better tour, but I just had to show you the before and after of my garage turned toyroom. So the kids still had too many toys and things looked horrible, since even the toys that were put away looked messy. Step one was to Get RID of more clutter. Step 2 was to build each kid their own toy cabinet. The cabinets hold the perfect amount of toys and so you can see how much they really have. The cabinets also hide away the visual clutter by having doors and bins. Right now I am so happy I got rid of so much. This has been the best storage idea for toys I have tried! Ode to having no dedicated toyroom.

kevin macleod bright wish used with permission

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I am trying to pull the main radiator to fix a leak. I am an armature..
What it looks like: first thing was a small 1’x1′ cooling grid (radiator)
Second was a set of fans, once that was free it free’d the next much larger radiator.
Behind that is the main radiator.
So, iv got the small radiator and fans off and the first large radiator is free and hanging from temp zip ties.
My problem: this first large radiator has copper lines coming out of it going to detachable fitings going to semi bendable hard rubber lines.
One line comes out the top and goes back into the chassis..the second line comes out the bottom and goes up and across the radiator and into a cylinder (aprox 8"x2"around with a T fitting at the top with a power input at one end of the T fitting)
and on the other side is a line going into the air conditioner box. In order to move this unit and get to the main radiator I have to disconnect the top copper line. But I don’t see a refill??
What is this first large radiator for?
What kind of fluid is inside it?
Is it pressurized?
How do I refill it?
Any help would be a life saver…the thing is half in pieces in my moms yard 2 days now and should have been done already…Arg! Lol
Oh boy, you have opened a can of worms and if this is a commercial style chassis (you said class A meaning the typical "flat nose" style like a bus) you need professional help because that part you describe is for the AC unit and is full of high pressure freon 132a. You can’t disconnect that without first discharging the system or you risk injury. It’s also against the law to just let the gas escape into the atmosphere. Seeing as you are this far along about the only options you have are to put it back together far enough to drive it to a garage where they can empty the AC system or find someone who is willing to do a side job and bring the proper equipment to you. (pretty rare no matter where you are) The refill ports for that are farther back either on the AC compressor or on the lines closer to the AC box so it can be refilled while the RV is back together.

BTW, this freon 132a when done properly is "reclaimed" into a holding tank and then used to refill the system after repairs, although not eveyone has "clean storage" for that purpose. IOW, even if done up to the legal standards you may wind up buying replacement freon when all is done.

Let us know how you make out.

Edited to add: Just had my second morning cup and it dawned on me you said this was a 1986 vehicle, in which case the freon 134a will be freon 12, which is no longer made and will require both reclaiming the old charge and retro-fitting the system to accept freon 134a after the repairs are done. This process is expensive and near impossible to be done properly by the DIY type since the last vehicles to use that were made in 1994. (18 years ago) You may find the only people willing to reclaim freon 12 will be an appliance repair shop. (common in refriderators and window AC units years ago)
RE: Help with pulling the radiator for my class A 86 Chevy motorhome that whole big ars radiator is full of freon! And if so it blocking free flow to the main here’s my new question:
I don’t even use the dash a/c cuz, well it would be cooler to have my dog sit there and pant in my face! Lol
I find I get more engine power, more a/c power and more gas mileage if I run both the engine and the generator at the same time when on the road, for a 22year old gennerator i haven’t tuned up yet it’s super efficient!
So will I get an even cooler running engine if I eliminate that first large a/c radiator and just get the fans blowing directly on the main radiator? But thats going to leave a 2inch or so gap between the fans and the main radiator.
Or is the a/c radiator serving a double purpose like everything else on that beast?
Eliminating the a/c radiator is only an idea, I have not done this yet, but I’d like your opinions to se if it’s doable ???
Again thanks for any help!!

And yes it’s a flat front, bus like.
Oh! And no worries about the encipherment, I spoke to a buddy who happens to do heating and air, he said he will emty it for me. Although he gonna wana keep it for his trouble…it’s more of a burden to me to have the stuff…

it will be the better solution for you to know the right answer.i hope it will be correct answer for you. first radiator size is 1’x1′ cooling kinds of liquid inside was pressurized.


Monkey Bars specializes in garage organization, providing storage systems that are both durable and efficient.

Monkey Bars can organize your garage storage in less than one third the space of other organizational systems.

The patented hook and bar design makes it easy to organize and access your storage items and frees up valuable space in the garage.

There are nine Monkey Bars hooks designed to hold almost anything. The hooks are placed on the back of the bar and pulled forward to secure them in place. They can also hang forward, backward and move side to side.

The bars are easily arranged: just press a double button and move the bars wherever you would like.

The bars and hooks will hold three times more than any other rack system available.

Because the bars come out away from the wall, you can hang large items such as bikes or wheelbarrows. You can also hang layers of items in back and in front of the bar.

The shelf system can hold one thousand pounds every four feet. Place your long-term storage on the top shelf and the things you use more often on the hooks below.

The organizational kits from Monkey Bars help you save space. The yard tool kit is great for keeping your gardening supplies in order, and the bike kit efficiently stores up to six bikes.

All Monkey Bars products come with a lifetime warranty.

Make Monkey Bars your garage storage solution.

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We just moved into a house built in 2004. It has a two car garage and a crawl space. There is no storage building and we don’t have the money to buy one right now because of repairs we have done on the house. We’ve lived here about a week and realized we couldn’t/shouldn’t keep the gasoline in the garage because we have a mechanical garage door opener, our water heater is in there, and then just the fumes in general. It is currently stored in plastic gas containers for our lawnmower/weedeater.

So, my husband moved it to the crawl space under our house. It has the some of the HVAC system though and it just doesn’t seem safe there either.

Where should we keep it? We don’t have a fenced in yard. We thought about trying to find a storage box and putting it under our back deck, but it would be visible.
I was just told not to store them around anything electrical because the fumes can cause them to ignite. When we opened our garage, you could smell the gasoline.

Was told not to store near HVAC systems because it is electrical and because the fumes can go into the venting of your home.

Just a 5 gallon jug and 1 gallon jug.
I was just told not to store them around anything electrical because the fumes can cause them to ignite. When we opened our garage, you could smell the gasoline.

Was told not to store near HVAC systems because it is electrical and because the fumes can go into the venting of your home.

Just a 5 gallon jug and 1 gallon jug.
I was just told not to store them around anything electrical because the fumes can cause them to ignite. When we opened our garage, you could smell the gasoline.

Was told not to store near HVAC systems because it is electrical and because the fumes can go into the venting of your home.

Just a 5 gallon jug and 1 gallon jug.

Way better in the garage.
The garage already has a tank full of gas in there every time you bring the car in.
There is no danger of combustion from the garage door opener.
The water heater is supposed to be 3 feet off the floor if it is gas, so that should be not be a problem.
Electric water heaters are never a problem at all.
Under the house in the crawl space is illegal however.
That could lead to danger to humans if anything ever happened.
You do care about the house.
You do not care about the garage.
Gas cans go in the garage, and they generally do not leak vapors.
If they do leak, then fix them.


I read and hear so many conflicting ideas about these trees. I know that their root systems are invasive. I’m trying to find out how invasive they actually are… really wondering if the spot I chose to plant a cutting from my grandmother’s tree is ideal.

The nearest structure to the spot I chose is our garage (which is not a functional garage other than storage- no worries about the roots) and that is 40ft away. Our house and septic tank are about 70ft away from the spot. There is also around 70ft of room behind the tree before we meet the property line where the neighbors have a flower garden.

Is this a safe spot for a weeping willow? Thanks!

It sounds like you have plenty of room for a weeping willow. They do have invasive roots because they love to search for water but they make lovely trees for big areas. I especially like the golden weeping willow because of its color in the winter when all the leaves are gone. Beautiful.

They are pretty fast growing trees which is a bonus. The downside is that if you live in a windy area or a big storm comes, the branches tend to brake off pretty easily and make a mess.