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Garage Storage Solutions

Unlocking Garage Storage Solutions Secrets One Garage At a Time!

Make the most of your garage storage by adding freedomRail. Like our closet and home organization storage systems, freedomRail Garage is a strong and versatile way to conquer the clutter. Go-Boxes offer drawers, cabinets and storage lockers. You can also add a work surface to make your projects go more smoothly. freedomRail Activity Organizers are another way to add adjustable task-specific storage spaces. Activity organizers can attach to the steel grid or directly into the wall; with freedomRail, you’re in control!

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July 6, 2012

Diamond Plate Series

Introducing the NewAge Diamond Plate Cabinetry Series, giving you durable storage, with a sleek, contemporary design. Our Diamond Plate line has a sophisticated look that’ll stop ‘em in their tracks. Soft grey frames, and impressive silver doors with an edgy diamond plate pattern. The garage cabinets are made from only the best in heavy-duty 23 gage steel, equipped with NewAge signature chrome trim and a powder-coated paint finish.

– Edgy Diamond Plate Pattern
– Modern Design
– Lockable Storage
– Fully-Assembled

Big Mess. No Problem. NewAge Bold Welded Cabinets.

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Want to organise your garage space? Get it right the first time, by watching this quick video from the Home Improvement experts at Masters.

There’s one thing we can’t stand and that’s having a messy garage. Using walls is a great way to get your gear up off the floor and maximize space. In this video the experts from Masters take you installing a storage system that will transform your garage into a space you can use.

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This unique Garage Pals combo package offers the 8 Foot Base Cabinet with a full 8 Foot Overhead Cabinet equipped with air shock assist to keep the overhead cabinet door open and out of your way when you need access to your gear. This garage combo is sturdy, rugged, and perfect for a man’s work space while at the same time adding style and storage space to your garage, shop, factory or trailer. This unit will fit your lifestyle and help you gain control of the clutter. Transform your garage with this combo package from Garage Pals.

Features and Specifications:
Item Number: 8001-8104
Dimensions (Inches) L x W x H: 96 x 22 x 84
Product Weight (Pounds): 230
Shipping Weight (Pounds): 260
Adjustable Shelves
Numbers of Adjustable Shelves: (1)
Removable Shelves
Ships Fully Assembled – No Assembly Required
Heavy Duty Construction with High Strength MIG Welds
Heavy Duty 2 Point Lockable Latch
Stainless Steel Rivets Used to Assemble
High Strength Aluminum Piano Hinges
Mounting Hardware Included
Material — Doors and Main Structure: Diamond Plate Aluminum 0.063 Inch Thick
Material — Counter Top and Shelf: Diamond Plate Aluminum 0.080 Inch Thick or Smooth Aluminum 0.090 Inch Thick (depending on which you select)
Overhead Cabinet features Gas Charged Shocks
Excellent as a Storage Unit
Works Well as a Work Bench
Full Cabinet Floor and Back
Customizable (email Garage Pals to ask about customization)
Options Available
Normally Ships within 3-4 Business Days
Shipping Method: Motor Freight (via a semi-truck)


This combo packages arrives at your garage or workshop fully assembled, where you receive it from the truck and place it on the floor in your desired location, and you are done. You have an industrial grade base cabinet and overhead cabinet combo package that is ready to go!

How do we do it? We take an already heavy duty base cabinet, mount extra thick aluminum braces to the back side, install the diamond plate aluminum wall material, then finally mount the overhead cabinet(s) to the top of the braces. We then install any options you’d like to have included such as leveling feet, floor casters, floor wheels, light package(s), and/or pegboards.

This combo package in constructed from diamond plate aluminum that is easy to clean and will never rust, rot, or suffer water damage and allows you to store many big and small items. The base cabinet offers an excellent work space and includes a fully adjustable 16 inch deep shelf. Remember to tell us if you’d prefer a diamond plate or a smooth aluminum counter top on the base cabinet when you add this combo package to your shopping cart.

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Monkey Bars specializes in garage organization, providing storage systems that are both durable and efficient.

Monkey Bars can organize your garage storage in less than one third the space of other organizational systems.

The patented hook and bar design makes it easy to organize and access your storage items and frees up valuable space in the garage.

There are nine Monkey Bars hooks designed to hold almost anything. The hooks are placed on the back of the bar and pulled forward to secure them in place. They can also hang forward, backward and move side to side.

The bars are easily arranged: just press a double button and move the bars wherever you would like.

The bars and hooks will hold three times more than any other rack system available.

Because the bars come out away from the wall, you can hang large items such as bikes or wheelbarrows. You can also hang layers of items in back and in front of the bar.

The shelf system can hold one thousand pounds every four feet. Place your long-term storage on the top shelf and the things you use more often on the hooks below.

The organizational kits from Monkey Bars help you save space. The yard tool kit is great for keeping your gardening supplies in order, and the bike kit efficiently stores up to six bikes.

All Monkey Bars products come with a lifetime warranty.

Make Monkey Bars your garage storage solution.

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Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , – Garage storage systems are great additions to your garage if you are of the DIY type of person, or just simply want everything to be organized. There are garage storage racks and other garage storage units that you can purchase in various shops today. Having a garage storage system in place can certainly eliminate the clutter that has accumulated in your garage over time.

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Save More:

Workbench and Shelving Storage System with Hooks and Clamps

My wife bought me the workbench kit for Christmas from my Amazon wish list. I just put it together this weekend and had a blast doing it! I built a 3′ by 8′ bench and used the shelf links to make a hutch style two shelf unit on the top. One was 24″ off of the bench surface and the second a foot above that.

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ColemanStorage cabinets, coleman cabinets, coleman storage, coleman garage cabinets, garage cabinerty, garage storageColeman 24 Gage Metal Series Cabinets

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May 19, 2012

Product Overview

Find more information today: Monkey Bars Garage Storage offers the best garage storage solutions on the market. Their patented hook and bar system allows you to store three times more items than any other storage system. The system itself is able to organize your garage effectively by putting long term storage on the shelf above and putting the short term storage on the bottom for easy access. Organizing a garage can be overwhelming at times, but Monkey Bars garage storage systems makes it so much easier.

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These Storage Cabinets Assemble With Only 4 Screws!
Global offers the best value on the market for storage units with improved features, easy assembly, and stronger, more durable construction. These steel storage cabinets are ideal for storing office and industrial supplies, storage units are easy to assemble, with steel box formed doors for added strength. 3-point locking system with 5/16″ thick locking rod adds strength and rigidity. Recessed locking handle with 2 keys for safety and security. These office storage cabinets include 4 height adjustable shelves with 185 lb. shelf capacity. Reinforced shelves adjust at 1-1/4″ increments. Durable powder coat finish.

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